Nexmove Senior Executives

Nexmove Senior Executives is an outplacement program offering its clients a structured and creative approach to investigate your next professional evolution. An executive coaching to choose an adequate environment in line with your drivers assessing every possible option: employment, consulting, entrepreneurship, take over, interim management…

They constantly benefit from your personal coach’s support as well as from the firm’s staff and associated experts on topics such as :

  • Communication
  • Multicultural interview techniques
  • Personal branding
  • Work/Life balance and stress management

Coaching your career transition relies upon specific dedicated consultants in an environment compatible to your expectations connected with a network of companies and opinion leaders.

From your first day at Nexmove to your integration in your new activity, you will benefit from specific and flexible services.

Reflect in-depth

Assess your personal and professional experiences to stress out your:

  • Personal, managerial and leadership dimensions,
  • Achievements and specific skills,
  • Drivers and stoppers, uniqueness .

This will help you build the platform for your objectives and a clear and differenciating message to your targeted markets.

Identify your optimal future options

Once you have identified and assessed your objectives, you can bring together with your coach several selected persons (consultants, peers, members of your network…) to brainstorm on your project.

If you consider taking over a business you can choose between 2 options to assist you :

  • Training at C.R.A. (Cédants & Repreneurs d’Affaires), the largest national association aimed at business transfers 
  • A thorough diagnosis of your positioning, your assets, your target strategy with an expert

If you decide to start your own business, on top of your work with your coach you will benefit from :

  • A pre-project consulting assistance to explore all the various elements from market research to projected business plan.  

Set up your marketing and development strategy

To reach and implement your objectives you have access to 5 training sessions (7 days) mixing small groups of peers in order to improve your self-communication and develop your impact.

Personal branding also means:

  • Analyzing your market vs your personal offer,
  • Selecting your targets,
  • Identifying your relevant network,
  • Using suitable communication tools.

4 workshops will contribute in supporting your self-communication and differentiating from your competitors:

  • A customized CV,
  • A professional life portrait written by a journalist,
  • A video business card to present your objectives in English, French and German 
  • A customized digital identity with our web consultant including :
    • E-reputation, social media presence
    • A selection of your info sources to create your own business intelligence portal

Optimize your network in France and abroad

You will benefit from a thorough preparation with your coach to a relevant networking strategy including media training, interview briefing and debriefing, job offers assessment (choice criteria, employment contract…).

You automatically apply to be a member of Nexmove Club, our on-line business network of more than 1000 alumni having experienced outplacement at Nexmove.

To encourage exchanges, clients attend every week networking groups led according to type of occupation or sector (finance, HR, marketing, health industry, supply chain, entrepreneurship…).

Eager to bring adequate responses to your international needs, NEXMOVE has joined ARBORA GLOBAL CAREER PARTNERS, one of the leading network in career transition and outplacement present in 29 countries worldwide (Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas).

Nexmove is also the place for special events such as debates, meetings, breakfast, first-day-at-work drink parties as well as outside reunions (hiking, La Parisienne women’s jog race, Nexmove golf Trophy…).

Join a friendly environment

Nexmove offers you a 6000 sq ft functionnal work space on 3 levels in Levallois next to Paris western office district. 12 private office rooms, 3 meeting rooms, relaxation room… The premises are fully equipped with the latest technology (20ʺ flatscreen PC, high speed internet, WIFI, individual memory sticks…), as well as specific databases (Who’s who directory, top schools and university job offers, international press, a wide selection of job offers,, press release… ).

And of course remote access to the Nexmove Extranet and a customized job offer portal.

Upon availability you can benefit from a car park space in our building when you visit your coach.

Integrate successfully your new job

Last but not least, as soon as you have started in a new position, you can benefit of a coaching support to help you cope with your new environment. And there would be a resumption of assignment in the event of the contract being terminated by the company during the first 18 months.