The nexmove Mobility of spouse solution

Nexmove Mobility of spouse is a totally personalised approach which is lent support by a consultant, a method, an appropriate environment and  networks.

You benefit of this assistance as spouse of a manager or senior executive involved in a mobility process.

A dedicated consultant

Each client choses the consultant who will coach him throughout the outplacement and guarantee the success of each phase of the process. He will also have access to the rest of the team each time he feels it’s relevant.

A personalised method

Each stage of the process is backed by a structured methodology acting as tool kit to enable each client to implement his professional objective. The dynamic assessment phase is therefore backed by tests (MBTI, SOSIE…),360° feedback. It is complemented by a practical set-up of a tool kit (CV, letters, network database, interview technique, video training…).

A human environment

Nexmove offers their clients a 6000 sq ft functionnal work space on 3 levels in Levallois next to Paris western office district. The premises are fully equiped with the latest technology (20ʺ flatscreen PC, high speed internet, WIFI, individual memory sticks…), as well as specific databases, press, job offers…
And of course remote access to the Nexmove Extranet

Active networks

Each client applies automatically on arrival to the Nexmove Club, the social network  of alumnis grouping on line clients in transition and former clients holding new positions.
To encourage exchanges, clients attend every week networking groups led according to type of occupation or sector (finance, HR, marketing, health industry, supply chain, entrepreneurship…).
Nexmove is also the place for special events such as debates, meetings, breakfast, first-day-at-work drink parties as well as outside reunions (hiking, La Parisienne women’s jog race, Nexmove golf Trophy…).