The main stages of outplacement

Outplacement has a structured approach, but the importance of each stage varies from one person to another. 


It’s all together a stage to reflect on the next step and heal from the previous experience.

During that stage, clients will focus on their personality, experiences and motivation to identify suitable options to achieve a successful transition.

Personal branding

Project implementation requires an appropriate self-communication.

Most outplacement firms train their clients on their writing skills (CV, job ads, applications…)and oral skills (interviews, networking…) through group workshops.

Job search 

Efforts and job search techniques depend on the project. Looking for a senior executive position in a company is quite different from starting a new business, taking over a firm or consulting. And the time frame varies drastically.

A regular job search will require both a classical approach (headhunters, job ads…) and a lot of networking, whereas entrepreneurial projects will succeed exclusively through intensive networking.

A key stage in job search is choosing the right offer. The consultant’s role in that choice is crucial: should you accept an offer, should you chose one over another, should you start your own business or become a consultant.


Most outplacements include an assistance to integration in a new position. It is the best way for a senior executive to understand his positioning in his new environment and improve his chances of success.