How to choose your outplacement consultant?


Though essential, the link with your future coach is not sufficient. Make sure he is trying to understand your needs more than trying to sell his offer. And that he is flexible enough to adapt his method to your expectations rather than go through a standardized process.


Even if your former employer is the customer…you are the client. No information should be disclosed without your formal acceptance.


Test your future consultant’s reactivity when taking the first appointment (some chose to see you after their competitors to stand a better chance to close the deal). Ask how many senior executives he is servicing simultaneously and how often you would meet during assessment and job search period.


You probably want to feel secure with your consultant’s experience. On your profession, your business, entrepreneurship, the senior management positions he has held himself… Don’t forget you’re the expert… and your consultant’s role is basically to help you get the best out of yourself.


Run through the methodology with your future coach and ask him about the use of personality tests, graphology, 360° feedback to complete the assessment. Most of them also use video training to prepare recruitment interviews.


To help you in your choice, do not hesitate to ask him for references of one or two senior executives  who worked with him on similar situations to yours. Their feedback can be most valuable. 

Personal network

A consultant can have a fairly wide personal network. Make sure to understand how he will give you access to the members of this network and also to identify the sort of position they hold.